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Skin Care

Product Use Notes

  • Products listed are made using natural preservatives which unfortunately makes them vulnerable to the weather. This could cause freezing or melting of the product when shipping in excessing hot or cold weather. 

  • In the event of receiving a a skin care product that has melted, please place in the refrigerator for a few minutes to allow product to re-solidify. 

  • In the event of receiving a skin care product that has frozen, please allow the product to sit out at room temperature in order to thaw. 

  • Melting nor freezing will NOT affect the wonderful nourishing benefits of skin care products and  they remain completely safe to use. 

  • Mother's To Be - Please contact your physician before using any of the Skin Care products - particularly the products containing essential oils. 

  • Please always try the product on a small area first to ensure no allergic reactions or breakouts occur.  If any issues arise, please discontinue use of the product immediately.  Please also note that products are for external use only.