Lillie's Upcoming Events

Come Visit Us Live!


1. Atlantic Station Saturday August 27 from 11am to 9pm

2. Atlantic Station Sunday August 28 from 12pm to 7pm

3. Atlantic Station Saturday September 3 from 11am to 9pm

4. Atlantic Station Sunday September 4 from 12pm to 7pm

5. Lillies Store Front Grand Opening Weekend September 17       from 10am to 8pm

6. Lillies Store Front GrandOpening Weekend September 18

    from 12pm to 5pm

7  Atlantic Station Saturday October 1 from 11am to 9pm

8. Atlantic Station Sunday October 2 from 12pm to 7pm

9. Chalktoberfest Marietta, GA October 8 from 11am to 5pm

10. Chalktoberfest Marietta, GA October 9 from 11 to 5pm

11. Hot Tamale Festival Greenville, MS Oct 15 9pm to 5pm

12. Atlantic Station Saturday October 22 from 11am to 9pm

13. Atlantic Station Sunday October 23 from 12pm to 7pm